Loddon, England
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We went to enfield to watch a movie,Skyfall on Wednesday, we got there earlier so we could have something to eat. we got out tickets and went out to harvester to have a meal, we got in fine and booked a table for 2, and they told us we might have to wait 10 to 15mins, we looked around and their were over 20 tables empty and we wondered why we had to wait that long, so we did wait and after 15mins, our names were called out and we ended sitting on one of those empty tables which we should have been give from start.

We sat and waited for something waitress to take our order, no one came, the waitress was just going past us, after 15mins, she saw that we are looking at her id disgrace, she told us she will be with us in a second, seconds come and went, a white couple came in and sat next right next to us, by the minute they sat down the waitress came to take their order and now that's us sitting there over 20mins no one had come to us even to say do you want a drink or something before. we were so disgraced and after 30mins, we have had enough and we ended up leaving the restaurant without a glass of water or nothing,

Not sure why we were not served or because i was a black person and my best friend he is Romanian, i have written to them i can't wait to here their excuse,

Harvester was the first and last time i went there. very very very bad services, discrimination i would say, not being good enough to be served at their restaurant, its shameful

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ummm skip discrimination just cause your black dont mean *** alright? sounds like she was just being a lazy *** bucket and didnt give a *** had nothing to do with you...

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