well my husband won his house in kids in court over a year ago and found out that his house payment was 1200.00 plus at 12% interest they worked with him and lower hhis payment to 678.oo per month for a year the year was up in january they told us to modifiy our loan again but this time we were denied which i didn't understand because nothing had changed except me moving in with my kids altogether we have 8 kids and i am a stay at home mom theres no way we should of been denied so they changed our loan all of a sudden and it made it to where we were 3000.00 they constintly were harassing us calling about 20 times a day so in feburary we talked to them and they said if we pay 3470.00 we would be current and they would deferre our next payment well april came and we were going to pay our 1200.00 but they told us we were still half a month behind and we owed almost 2000.00 that is very wrong i think i don't know where or how they are getting these extra numbers and now its back to 20 phone calls a day in my we were 1980.00 behind but when they called they told us we owe 3500.00 cause we are late this month to but were now they keep telling us we can not pay alittle at a time cause we tried to give them 500.00 and pay as much as we could they told us no they have to have all of it or nothing my husbands income is about 2500.00 a month and our bills come out to equal about 3900.00 with taking care of 8 kids it is very tied i don't understand why they won't help us we can't afford 1200.00 house payment and no one will work with us they just keep saying pay it all or we will forclose on you to me that is not right telling a very hard working man that is trying to take care of 8 kids and wife that they will kick him out . i don't know what else to do at this point cause there's no talking to them now . i am very frustrated and scared for my family and this all happened because they have been unfair and disrepectful to me and my family

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