IF YOU ARE BEING AUTO CHARGED AND NEED TO CANCEL ANYTHING and you cannot get any help from the company charging you what you need to do is call your credit card company. They have a number that the company doesnt give you and they always answer that line because they do not want to loose the money connected with that credit card.

Docment everything. Time, date, all persons names from cc and company. I had to do this to get an autopay stopped . You may have to call the cc back so try to get the cc employee name and time they work.

I wanted to speak with the same person each time and the cc company will want a written account from you of what has taken place. My credit card number had to be changed due to this however it was well worth it because I credit card was being charged $1000.00 for magazines and I later read where a lady had been charged over 10,000.

before she got it resolved!!!! Hope this helps

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