its a complete waste of time. i thought within an hour or so and $100 later that's i'd be a bit closer to winning an auction. Their megameter for your "best chance to win" is a complete waste as well

stay clear of this site, might as well go to a casino and get what you paid for. the language is not clear on how the bidding process worked. I was under the impression as it counted down and hit 01 that i had a good chance of winning. After watching it hit 01 maybe 200 times and a complete waste of an afternoon, i had drained my credits and everyone should know this before they enter the site.

The college grads who invented this need to revisit doing business online. if you have 1 of 100 people who win or have something positive to say, the website will eventually gain enough negative press it will shut down!

nice to get my money back or at least a productive afternoon....

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