I guess this is not a complaint, however, it might be a warning. I took a pool water sample yesterday.

I was shocked that I was told that my salt level read 3400 when my pool computer read 2700. They also told me that my calcium hardness read 87, which is way low... I went there because I thought that I would save some gas and time instead of going to Leslie's, where I usually go. After I received the results, I felt uncomfortable about the readings, so I decided to make the trip to Lesley's.

What a surprise... They told me that my salt level was at 2700. Another surprise was that my calcium hardness was at 210, which is in the range it needs to be. The only reason I am writing this is because I called The Rec Warehouse a few minutes ago and asked to speak to a manager.

I explained to him what happened out of courtesy, and he replied, "we get our stuff calibrated once a month, not sure if they do". Wow, won't be going back there!

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