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Yesterday when I got to the airport to catch flight 579 to San Juan Puerto. I was told by the attendant that I could not check my bag because I was 3 minutes late.

The attendant was Ms.Crystal Otero, she was actually not very nice or people friendly. I asked to speak with the , that was a mistake. Ms. Supervisor, Isabell G.

was as rude as possible, She told me"I don't have to talk with you" I am doing you a favor by simply talking with you. The bottom line is that because these people decided that I was 3 minutes late, I had to leave my bag behind and they did not even want to talk with me.

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I feel your pain....Nov of '09 we flew from TPA to MIA to Guatemala. The entire eastern seaboard lost electronics, so flights were having to "fax" *** requests to towers.

We arrived in Miami with 5 minutes to spare and they would not let us on the plane, even though our luggage made it. We then got to watch the plane sit at the gate for 1 hour and 18 minutes. We had to take the next flight that was 5 hours later.

It's a crock what they do to passengers and they know we don't have a choice.

What airline were you flying? I'd write their consumer relations people on that one.

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