Contacted this company to search for a nephew. Was advised there was a 7 day trial period, but I chose to enroll for one year for unlimited searches.

When we started the search I was advised that there would be an aditional $1.95 charge due to the details required - I said okay. My bank account was debited $39.95 and $1.95 and I assumed that I was enrolled and these were the charges for that and the search "details". This was on 6/27.

On 7/5 I was debited another $34.50 which I called my bank about and we called PeopleSmart. I was told that the $39.95 was for the report on my nephew, since I wasn't enrolled! Never mind the trial period and the fact that I had opted for enrollment.

Further he stated that I would get no refund since the trial period ended on 7/2, but they wouldn't bill me again. I told him he had that right - I cancelled the debit card to make sure they couldn't!!

Tell everybody you know to avoid these guys like the plague. They are real sleezy operators and I for one intend to report them to the better business bureau.

I'll never give anyone else a debit card number on the internet either

- that is a given!

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