The ceiling in the study has the sheet rock seams showing, they must have been something that has change from the time I purchase the home for these seams to show up.

Warranty Representative Kelly who services Mobile, Al has stated that he will not fix the item and that it must have been there all along( he agrees that the seams are showing).

This means the Quality of D R Horton homes is not what it should be, I have trouble believing that.

Kelly does not represent your company company very well, he has a bad attitude when he gets on location to look at the issue.

He said he would fix a damage caused by a sub contractor installing flood lights and this also has not been accomplish, this item is damage Sheetrock at a single light switch. Also painting area when sheet rock is complete.

Can not get e-mail response from Gayle Adams warranty department also, Cannot get Kelley's phone number or his supervisors number through e-mails sent to Gayle

House location is 9765 Sheree Drive, Mobile, Al in the Saddlebrook subdivision. Lot 28

Ben Gaffney

228-235-5952 cell

251-776-5778 home

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