After being in contact with your support team on 3 different calls, faxing my receipt from product, told a replace box would be on the way.... almost a week later I get a call and am told that my product is not covered by Visio even though w/in the warranty period but it has to go back to Walmart since it was a "refurbed" versus "reconfirm" or some nonsense.

Upon the very first call the Rep was told it was a Refurb less than 30 days old and ordered from Walmart. Even the SS# bore it out. I was told no problem a box for replacement and shipping label was on the way after I would send in my receipt and call again to confirm instructions. I did everything as instructed only to find out over a week later that "no we do cover that, that is a Walmart problem". Now, I'm into 10-15 days from purchase and no further along into getting your broken product fixed than when I first began.


I bought your Visio, TV, camera, home theater etc., because of your #1 customer service rating... what a crock that turned out to be. I am 55 with lots of friends and work groups that I will be sure to pass on my so-called great customer experience as a warning about how Visio stands behind their products/.

You have the world's largest distributor selling your products to a very large market group, I would think you would make every effort to protect your name and reputation when your products FAIL. The customer could care less who "repaired your broken equipment" and would expect you (if anyone) would be willing to stand by your products.

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