I can't believe my local news reporters Fox News, CBS & NBC are allowing themselves to be affiliated with this terrible service, it us so unclear and undifined until you get an email stating thanks for your membership your monthly billing info will..... and so on I never would have had any idea about further charges i had no clue I became a member or joined anything, I have used many services that have required my credit card info and purchased many products online and I have always had to confirm or acknowledge before moving forward or check a box of some sort or read terms and conditions this was never the case anywhere on this site, I urge you to do your homework about this service and site before you even consider moving forward with them. Oh and as far as cancellation wow well I need not go on the other reviews are on point about that just wish I did my homework first, just dont take no for an answer and dont wait 48 hours for nothing you have the right to cancel immediatly they take your money immediatly make sure you get immediate confirmation when you say cancel effect now your word should be good enough not a red box 48 hours later you dont have to confirm membership you shouldnt have to confirm cancellation.

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