To whom it may concern,

I need to write this letter in regards to the HORRIBLE AND DEGRADING service I have recently received from your company. On Saturday, June 23rd, we were evacuated from our house due to the Waldo Canyon Fire. As EVERYONE KNOWS, Tragedy struck on Tuesday, June 26th when the fire came down out of the hills and struck out neighborhood head on. 95% of our sub division was completely wiped out including my home. When I was able to finally get a list together of everyone I had to call, I made my call to your company on July 2nd, less than a week after the fire happened. Still in shock and disbelief that it really happened, I talked with one of your reps on the phone (I do not have her name), and explained what had just taken place. I was on the phone for probably 1/2 an hour or so TRYING to absorb and listen to everything that was said. There was so much information given to us from all different angles and different people that we were on information overload. I had mentioned to her the timeline that we were not home and that she needed to backdate the bill to that time of June 23rd and that all the equipment had been destroyed in the fire. It was to my understanding that when we received our bill, it would have a $0.00 balance.

When I received the bill on Saturday, July 14th, I could not believe what I was reading. The balance on the bill read $361.76 to include charges for the equipment that no longer exists. I exploded to say the least. I was so upset at this that I could not even think straight. If I had called at that moment, the rep would have caught my reaction full force. As it stands now, I made the call yesterday, Monday, July 16th and I was still extremely upset. It took 3 calls altogether, no not 1 but 3 calls before they were able to get it right and $0.00 out the bill. In addition, the rep mentioned that they would have to reactivate the account and put it on suspension and to call back in 6 months to reactivate. I DONT THINK SO. I even told her that was not going to happen. I felt sorry for girl on the other end this time and I told her it was not her fault.

My complaint to your company is that even in the event of a natural disaster such as the one that happened here in Colorado Springs on June 26th and for the people that were affected, that you still want to charge them for an early disconnect fee--REALLY?????, SERIOUSLY????. In my opinion and the opinion of many others when I informed them of this matter, it is beyond me how a company could STOOP SO LOW to treat the victims of the fire who had just lost everything they owned and had worked all their lives for to go ahead and treat them like any other person who was not effected.

It is my opinion that I want NOTHING and I mean ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with your company EVER again. For you, it is all about that almighty dollar and you obviously don't give a *** about the people who suffered through this ordeal. I guarantee the word is already being spread about all this and how we were treated.

If you are so concerned about getting your equipment back, you are welcome to go sift through the rubble and try to find it or even recognize it. (Bring metal Detector)


Steve Bamber

Account # 35719452

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