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I was in the La Plata, MD store November 18, 2012 between 630-715pm. My boyfriend went to use the bathroom by the layaway, and i stood waiting.

It was slow, but there were numerous people walking to the bathrooms, and shopping nearby. These 2 young African American teenagers were talking about personal things, but the language coming out of the there mouths made me so angry. Within 5 minutes, I am sure that I heard the "N-WORD" at least 10 times.

There were young kids who were around as well!! I find it rediculous that these kids were able to talk this way, WHEN OTHER WALMART EMPLOYEES ARE WALKING BY AS WELL!!

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Really it wasn't any of your business. You could have moved away from the area. Also why should WalMart employees interfere and maybe cause a ruckus, that would get out of control.

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