Please have you staff check the volume from when you are in the court room to when you prerecorded stuff goes in between. Precorded is extremely annoyingly loud and you show is much softer.

I am going to stop watching you show if there can't be some better control, personally I leave the tv on during work. If I set the sound to proper level during the show, then EVERY TIME you leave the actual show. I HAVE TO TURN DOWN THE VOLUME. Do your advertisers think they helping sell you advertising?

As a consumer I just mute and skip all yours and theirs and or pause the live TV only to speed past the LOUD and OVERBEARING ADS. Your CHOICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If we are watching your show, it should be about 12 minutes for every 30 minutes. It is amazing that the people directing the show think we are so *** that we must have it REPEATED 3 to 10 times before we can move on. This is unbelievable and also makes you program worth skipping.

I know tat your is not the only show doing this and the directors of the type programs are stretching the time because they must not have enough useful material or it is just cheaper to do this, either way it is making TV more and more disenchanting. Hope this useful criticism.

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