I ordered business cards from Vista Print and they offered a "FREE" website along with the order. I DID NOT want a website, I DID NOT authorize any charges for a website, I DID NOT log on to a website.

I attempted to CANCEL this FREE website over 20 times PRIOR to the 30 days that there would be a charge any everytime recieved a confirmation number along with the cancellation and everytime went back and the website WAS NOT cancelled. On the 30th day VISTA PRINT attempted to charge my credit card 12 times in one 24 hr period of time.(I transferred my money to another account so the account was at ZERO so they could not get any money). When they did not get the money they sent an email stating that the "website" was suspended. On October 3rd, 2011 I again tried to cancel this website and got 5 more confirmations that it was cancelled.(I have printed all the cancellations with the confirmation number on each cancellation).

I went to the bank and they said that I could not stop them from taking money until they took the money out of my account and then I could reject the charge and block them from any further charges. Today is October 10th, 2011 and they charged my bank account UNAUTHORIZED, I might add, for the fee for the website that I NEVER set up or authorized. (It was a website fee and a PAY PAL fee) I contacted VISTA PRINT and cancelled the website finally. I repeatedly requested that my credit card information be permanently removed from there website and they state that they CAN NOT remove my credit card information.

Now I must cancel my credit card in order to make it where VISTA PRINT has NO ACCESS to my money. I am in the legal field in Florida and I have contacted an investigator(friend) in the US Attorneys Office in Washington DC. Today is a legal holiday so I was unable to reach my contact at that office but will do so tomorrow.

If you have been ripped off by VISTA PRINT please contact me at

dmorgan.vistaprintripoff@gmail.com by email and I will give you contact information to file a complaint with the US Attorneys office and get you any info I can to help you combat any further ripoff by VISTA PRINT. Email me today for help.

Donna Morgan

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