Sue Heinle who runs Visiting Angels in Hanover and York PA is such a conniving and underhanded liar! Several years ago my family used visiting angels to work with my mother who was under the care of hospice. Sue took it upon herself to fire our hospice agency, without our permission, and brought in Aseracare Hospice from York. She had no right to do this!!!

Sue brought Aseracare in under our noses and at the time we could do nothing about it because we did not want to upset mother.

Well now I know why Sue did this. She works for Asaracare! Isn't this a conflict of interest?

She is in the Sunday Aug 5th York Sunday News accepting a check for Asaracare. The photo and article lists Susan Heinle as a board member?!?!?!?!? I am pissed again at this woman!

I have heard many bad things about York Visiting Angels… this is just the rotten icing on top of a sour cake!


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Susan Heinle is the most honest, ethical person I know. She runs an agency that is the best in South Central PA and only hires qualified caregivers with no criminal background.

So many agencies hire caregivers that should not be working in this industry including several in York and Gettysburg. So why would you use an agency in York when you're from Gettysburg and there are plenty of agencies there? Sounds like you have something against Ms. Heinle who is recognized as a leader in this community.

Visiting Angels of York and Hanover is an outstanding business providing quality care to its clients and dedicated to helping the older adults in the community.


Susan's Angel's in Reading, PA Be Careful and Read this Carefully!

The place is a horror awful service how pay. Horrible boss Olga she does not care about her employees does not even pay for milage gas for employees she is robbing them does not have any benefits for employees, is robbing patients of their hours and she does not even pay the minimal salary.

Anyone that is planning to seek for care for the elder stay away from this place. She lacks professionalism, she gives hours to the employees and then gives them to someone else.

The majority of the employees that work here do not do their jobs. She does not care only here to collect money from the government she is also cheating patients of their hours and charging for services that she does not provide.She needs to be investigated by the government more likely needs to go to jail once all of this is discover.



Anyone who know this woman knows what kind of a person she is... I'll leave it at that. She is the worst!

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