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the service rep was rude Tara was here name. I called from VA and she is located in the call center under central time zone. When I asked to be placed in the que to complete the survey she said it couldn't be done. At the end of the call she said she could as a...
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my brother need phone but the place he just moved two the peaple were eviced had two for not paying there rent so did appliction and they said someone at this address allready haves one dont they have two change address dont no there names but the address is 458 shaver...
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I went in to return a portable dishwasher bought 2 months ago. My receipt said I had 90 days. It was used a few times. The clerk said I would need to have someone in appliance check it out. He said "Oh, never been used my foot it has been" Where is your reciept,...
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I am a recent graduate of the CT program offered at the Philadelphia campus. Although I completed the program with academic honors, I must tell you it was not easy. First thing, the cardiology technician program needs to be cut, for there are no employers hiring for...
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I cancled your program the same day as i had subscribed.And you still charged my checking account $39.95.You had no right to do that. My money should be return to me.I don,t know how you could do that to people.after i cancled.your program after i did not like it. I...
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I am an OLD patient .I am not sure ,BUT three or four years agoe. I get your medication here on LOCAL Office at SOUTHFIELD City ,Michigan , I used just two times(for some family reasons) and no more.?! When I like to use AGAIN,it was "out of EXPIRED DATE.?! I...
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Other Company - Using my email adress

I want this company are whatever you are to stop sending emails under my email address immeditly. I don't know how you got it but it better stop. some of my friends have been recieving emails saying they are from me and they ARE NOT from me. I don't know your company and don't want to know you. I will report you to who ever I have to if this continues. This has happened more than once and has to stop now. You will not ruin my nameso STOP sending your emails using my email address now.
My complaint is the same as many others. Went to pick up my car after service at car dealership that I have paid by company check prior to this last visit. Check was denied due to no history. My comment is that if a merchant/service provider is going to use Telecheck...
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You have to go with referrals for consignment shops many are not up front. They tell customers the clothing they do not sell goes to a charity. They fail to mention they do not return furniture or jewelery items to you if they do not sell. Many do not let you know what...
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I took my computer into the store almost 6 weeks ago because my wireless key and mouse would not connect to the computer. I have called and called about my computer to no avail all I get is the run around with them promising to call me back but they don't. My...
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