We booked a VIP unit in Wildwood, N.J, and it was a complete disaster.

This was SUPPOSE to be their top of the line unit BUT was the bottom of the line. We were very upset at the accommodations that we asked for our money back after joining the VIP program which was pressured on us while staying at another unit under the guise that they were just taking a SURVEY.

Thank God we got our money refunded after showing them pics of the dump ($3,000.00).

Their website sucks! Hardly any pics of their units (esp. inside). I don't know who they hire for their photos but however they are, they either don't know what us customers want or they are totally inept.

I've been with TAN for about 12 years now, and I'm really frustrated at trying to get a descent condo when I'm ready to go on vacation.

They do NOT have enough condos (if that is what U like to call them), and mostly every time U call them they are NOT available.

Now if U join the VIP program, You MAY get a preferred unit, but don't count on it. After we joined the VIP program we had high expectations of exceptional units BUT that was a fantasy. We STILL had difficulty finding a descent unit.

Good luck with the regular program. If U happen to find something even close to what U R looking for, they want to charge U extra for each additional bedroom + $$ for high season $99.00 processing fee and other incidentals.

The only really good bargain is the last call-$99.00 + the processing fee for a unit that is usually being used at a certain time of the year.

Remember the old expression"Caveat emptor"-Buyer beware!

Look before U leap!

If U really want a deal (timeshare) go on Ebay-They are practically giving them away for $0. The existing owners that have the timeshare are willing to pay all the transfer and lawyer fees for a pittance. My friend just got a Tri-annual for only $90.00 (total) and a yearly maintenance fee of only $169.00 a year with RCI for 18,000 points yearly. Now that's a deal!!!! Good luck

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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