Kennebunk, Maine

After receiving a price for a new battery over the phone, I set out to have the work done. I requested to pay up front for the battery and installation only to find out this was not allowed.????????

It took forever for the mechanic to get the job done, as he was also using his cell phone. I asked at the front desk what the holdup was and they responded that he was off his cell phone.

During the install they stated that I needed a new battery terminal for 4.99, I said fine.

Now after watching the manager gripe about where the finished cars were being parked, he moaned and groaned about this forever but never to the mechanics, he had someone else do that. It's a case of the crew running the ship.

They finally finished and presented me with a bill for 143.39. Now remember the battery cost was 83.99 + 13.50 for the install and 4.99 for the terminal that equals 102.48.

The final bill was 143.39. No matter where you look they have a price guarantee, they will beat anyone. "ABSOLUTELY NOT TRUE". They charged 21.25 to install the 4.99 terminal, they charged 10.00 for shop supplies. The very bottom line is they aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaare scam artist.

I will follow this up on face book and a call to Ken who I"m told is the real manager. I will also check on the illegal advertisment.

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