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I do not have nothing to add other then this person is telling the untruth and threaten to go online and tarnish me she is not using your sight for what it suppose to be used for with businesses. please remove as she said she would tell her friend to help her please remove this is unfair and horrible when its not the truth at all and the person(s) that wrote it are aware of the whole matter as well you should be able to display someones name and intentionally tarnish them with intent to do harm or to be able to use personal names they had to have violated your policy

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Victor, you are a liar and a user. This is another female that it not the one that posted the original post as a pissed customer.

She is lucky you only got her for $400 because you got me for $1100. I have the texts to show that it was a loan and you promised to pay me back. I am sure there are many other females you did the same as me and her. You said that you would rather die than ask me for money.

You even went as far as the first time we met to say you forgot your wallet lol. You reap what you sow and you are never going to get anywhere. It is horrible and unfair that you do this to women. You told me the same thing as you told the first lady that posted the original comment that I responded to.

*** has a special place in it for men like you! You know exactly who I am you loser.

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