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I now have some pictures of him and his phone numbers if anyone is interested... E-mail or call me.....

Original review posted by user Jul 22, 2013

This gentleman portrays to be a business man/entrepreneur!!!!! He goes on the dating websites and tries to lure women into loaning him money or being a partner with him.

He uses the fact that he can get business loans if one is a female and the other partner is black. I loaned him money as a friend and he never paid me back. His drivers license has his old address on it.

I want to take hime to small claims court, but without his current address, I wouldn't know how to do it. He owes me over $400 which he said he would pay back.

Monetary Loss: $430.

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Has anyone recently been fooled by this man?


I hate to put this on here, mostly bc of my embarrassment ,

but I really just do it for the future victims. Victor has been living with me for the past several years.

I know your stories are true bc he did the same to me. He borrowed thousands of dollars in the beginning of our relationship. Which of course, I didn't ever see again. He did pay the bills here in my home, but if you are my man, then you would be doing that anyways, so it wasn't payback.

I asked him to leave many many , MANY times. He refused. He got another girlfriend . A teacher, but remained IN MY HOUSE.

He then proceeded to make up an 11 page manifesto/article claiming outrageous things about my character, it included naked pics that he stole from my phone. He then sent it to my two bosses. I too have a restraining order against him bc he is absolutely vindictive and will stop at nothing to embarrass and harass you if he doesn't get ALL of his way. Actually, I don't know what he is capable of.

And, as he ended his document about me, trying to get a single mother of three fired,..... Good Luck.


Someone please email me a picture of this guy. I think I know who you all are talking about and where he lives/is. dlwis08@gmail.com

to Anonymous Bluff City, Tennessee, United States #1209942

Does anyone have a update on this guy? He got my wife and I for a lot of money a few years back.

Wrote us a hot check at my business in Donelson. My name is Steven.

Please email me at Airborne122362@yahoo.com. thanks


615-691-1019 and 615-924-7735 are his phone numbers


He works at the Bellevue burger king on hwy 70 south

Nashville, Tennessee, United States #878438

He works as a general manager n Bellevue on hwy 70


i filed a police report against him this week. you don't have to have his address just his name. you don't even have to go to the police station just call them 615-862-8600 and they take your report on the phone.

to Anonymous #878457

He works at the Bellevue burger king on hwy 70 south


Everyone feels sorry for him


He has fooled everybody report it stolen

to Anonymous Nashville, Tennessee, United States #789835

going on monday. sucks i was such a sucker and actually bent over backwards cause i felt sorry for this guy

to Anonymous #878454

He works at the Bellevue burger king on hwy 70 south


i am going to the courthouse and police station monday.


i dont know how that works since we have a contract even though he hasnt paid me in three months so it is basically stolen. i am an ***, as he sure fooled me and he seemed legit


Just report it stolen, then he'll get arrested when he's driving

Clarksville, Tennessee, United States #789789

so if victor reads this you have my truck and now your phone is turned off. i suggest you call me and get the stuff straightened out.

the white yukon denali is mine................

anyone on here happen to have current info for victor

to barry Des Moines, Iowa, United States #792288


I mean when you live your life as a *** you are very believable! He is a master manipulator, and knows how to get exactly what he wants!

So your located in Clarksville? Are you a business that sells cars?

to barry Nashville, Tennessee, United States #878442

He works at the Bellevue burger king on hwy 70

to barry #878458

Yes he is a manager at burger king on hwy 70 south 7116 hwy 70 south

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