This dog breeder advertised german shepherd puppies. I bought one and took it to the vet for a puppy check. The vet said there is no way this is a german shepherd.

The paper Vicki gave me said the dog was a german shepherd, but it was written over white correction fluid. I scraped off the correction fluid and it said the dog was a german shepherd/lab mix.

I contacted the breeder and told her I thought what she did was unethical. She screamed at me that she did not tell me to take the dog to the vet and why would I take the dog to the vet. Any time I have purchased a pet I have been told to take it to the vet within a certain number of days.

Vicki Karius also runs Celtic Mist kennel and Ironhorse therapeutic riding stables. Beware of doing business with her.

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Gary, Indiana, United States #602216

Bridget Duggan needs to get a life. Stop posting untruths about people and their businesses.

What goes around comes around. Have you ever heard of Karma? You are a complete and total ***! Now keep up with your fabrications.

Just like you fabricated the *** you put on this website, which is also a waste of cybespace. Anyone can write or claim negatives with no verification. We know where you live Bridget Duggan......

you can be sued for liable. So put up or shut up.


Whatever Vicki. I was upfront about how much I could/wanted to spend on a dog.

People make such offers all the time. You only had to say no thank you.

That was the beef I had with you & why I decided to post this. You were nasty from the get-go, and that was what "motivated" me to add to the complaint.


Bridget Duggan decided to offer me much less than my asking price. She started out the conversation offering me much less.

At that point she was told that I would not sell her a dog she did not have enough money for. AND, without seeing the dog first, I do not discuss price over the phone. She was not happy with that response, and so she writes a negative comment. There are two sides to every story.

If you have all you claim to have, then you should be able to pay full price for the dog. I have every right to choose who I sell my dogs to. Just because she thinks she is entitled, does not make a bit of difference to me. I simply chose not to be bothered with her by selling her a dog.

She obviously did not like it. That is no reason to lodge a pissed consumer complaint. You didnt buy anything from me!!!

***!! :cry


I will add, in addition to your claim that she is unethical, Vicki Karius is rather mean, and insulting. She's currently advertising her GS dog Jett on ebay classifieds, where any average Joe Schmo might look to buy a dog. I asked some questions & gave her some info so she would know where the dog was going (see original inquiry below), and she replied with a bit of a nasty tone saying the price was firm, & that she wasn't going to bother answering all my questions, and suggested that when I get more money I could buy her. Not a nice word was written in her reply, completely unprofessional & just nasty - there were a few follow up emails as well; I wont copy her text here of course, but I'm proud of what I wrote back to her.


Hi, I'm interested in Jett. I have lots of specific questions:

-Did you have her when born & if so did she stay full time inside your house (as opposed to garage, basement or outside kennel)

-From the time she was born (or close to) - -did she spend much time with other dogs

-did she spend time with other people, namely: kids of various ages & men. Daily, weekly?

-Would you give me permission to talk to the vet & obtain all records if I decide to pursue

-Is she from working or show lines

-Do you have any more pictures

I'm looking for a family dog. I have 3 kids (5,7,9) a 25x45' fully fenced in (privacy fence) yard. I have a 10 y/o male shep. I'm in Chicago on the northwest side. I stay home full time, though will be looking for part-time work soon (should be anyway!) In the pics Jett looks just like my dog Boo! I would have her spayed. I can offer you $500 - the surgery isn't going to be cheap...


Sorry to get you upset. I didn't think I was being pushy or anything with the questions & to get a transaction done - I'm not in a hurry either.


Sorry, I'm new to this, & am just trying to find a nice dog for my family. I'm learning about what to look for in a breeder, in a dog, & even about the culture of the business. I know that there are all types of people, on both ends, with all types of attitudes, assumptions & presumptions. I'd think it'd be a given that buyers/sellers talk before selling/buying/adopting a dog, & I would NEVER buy a dog without having my dog & my kids meet her first, and me meeting her & the breeder, spending time where the puppy is living (only inside a house near kids & men & other dogs ideally) and the breeder should make a home visit , do reference checks, vet confirmation, etc. So, go ahead & assume all you want. Wtf lady- I gave you a line of s*%t? go ahead & insult people, it's obvious you're just kind of mean, and probably not particularly pleasant to be around. Maybe that's why you breed dogs, or why that's a big part of your life anyways. You can say the meanest words with a *** eating grin & in a nice tone to the dogs & they don't know the difference.

one more thing. If you don't want people to respond to you about prices or anything, or specifically don't want to be contacted by people who don't know better, then don't try selling your dog(s) on ebay classifieds. charming

to Bridget Duggan #1352836

I worked for her for some time and I can vouch for the attitude and rudeness she has towards people including those she has employed.


You are accusing the incorrect person of writing a negative comment about you. It is not who you think it is.

There is evidence about what you have done and you know you are guilty of it (concerning the registration papers) I don't think there is a way to retract a statement, but why should I when I know what I claim is true. The point is that if you feel you need to alter the information on an official document you are most likely doing something "un-ethical" Try not to be decietful in the first place and you won't have people complaining about you.


Oh get real, I know who you are, and as a professional RN, you should be more ethical in your actions. You also need to make sure you have your facts straight.

You were offered a full refund. Why you consider that unethical makes me wonder what type of person YOU are.

I would advise you to retract your submission, or I can have my attorney give you a call. I still have your contact information.


Vicki has also purchased dogs from other breeders (on limited registration) and when she gets home she stops payment on the check and claims the dog was sick and whites out the "limited" box on the registration so she can use it for breeding. She has done this more than once to several breeders.

She breeds the dogs without regard to breed specific health concern, for example she breeds two blue shelties together so she can get the "rare" double merle even though they are usually born blind and/or deaf...then charges a fortune for the poor creatures.

She is very deceitful and wicked. DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH HER!!!!


Stay away from Iron Horse, Ed Karius, and Vicki Karius. They are not the type of people you want to do business with.

Ed Karius will do anything to get out of paying for services including threatening you with his attorney. No matter how hard you work to make them happy, they will try to stiff you.


Ed Karius, Vicki Karius' husband, is the physical therapist at their business, Ironhorse Therapeutic Riding Stables. Ed Karius was convicted of battery because he slapped a woman during physical therapy.

The charges stated he got mad and impatient with her and cussed at her and slapped her twice. You can look it up on the INdiana professional licensing website.

Sounds like the kind of people you want working with special kids, huh? I certainly would not buy a dog from them.

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