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I ordered Viaprin on 3/22. it was free trail -- I had to pay $9.41 S/H & was carefully told that If I did not cancel within 10 days that I would receive subsequent orders authomatically at a charge of $47.62.

I was given a specific date of 4/1 to do this. I rcvd the product promptly. IT IS TOTALLY USELESS. I called 9 days after ordering (3/31) to cancel & was told that I was too late!!

I explained that (as I had spelled out to me when ordering) that I had until the following day to cancel (Grab a calendar & do the math yourself - please). I was told that the day that I ordered conted as the 1st day !!! Huh? (Today + 1 = today?) Anyway, I decided not to continue that line of logic because even IF that made any sense at all then I was still calling on the 10th day.

Voila! Response: It was still my fault for not calling earlier in the day as they already mailed it out -- today. Customer Disservice refused to credit my $ back telling me that I would have to ship the product back AT MY EXPENSE. CD also refused to transfer me to a supervisor.

This is a SCAM. Nobody working there has an ounce of integrity.


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Avon, South Dakota, United States #18736

This is a typical case for them and I'm contacting a lawyer because I'm so mad. The latest is, "If the customer does not pay postage, we do not know when it will be received.

The post office can and will tell the customer the product will be delivered in a couple days, I, however, have seen from my experience, a product that has been refused or return to sender does NOT go directly back to where it came from. I can go to a few different post offices and sit there, and then be sent back and forth. If we did receive the package and it had the rma # on the outside of the package, the shipping department would not refund the account as it is our policy the customer needs to pay postage to return for refund. As stated previously, THERE IS NO CREDIT DUE FOR THIS CUSTOMER.

WE WILL NOT BE REFUNDING THIS CUSTOMER'S ACCOUNT AS NO PRODUCT HAS BEEN RECEIVED. If product has been received, no refund will be processed as per our return/refund policy which states no refund will be processed without proper postage. The reason this policy is in place is because this product is an oral consumption product which needs to be kept at room temperature, so if it is going back and forth across the country, we do not know the temperature it is kept at, therefore, we do not know if the product is good or not so it is discarded. Thank you." By the way, I have a copy of the refund policy and it does not say that at all.

The first thing was return it, then I needed a confirmation number for return, then I needed to pay postage, now, it's over 30 days, the items need to be room temp, and on and on.

I haven't given up yet. I just hope people read this before they order.

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