I have read many complaints about heartless veterinarians requiring full payment for medical care and while I completely understand the sadness and frustration with this policy, I need to give you a personal reason why this is the case.

I run a small veterinary hospital and we provide the very best care that we can. We barely make our bills. I have tried to work with people during this tough economy and less than 50% of the people who begged and cried for payment plans ended up paying their bills.

This puts a huge hardship on the entire hospital,raising prices for our paying clients, and putting all jobs in the hospital in jeopardy.

That is why I will no longer allow payments. The average person just cannot be trusted anymore. If you can't borrow the money from your family and friends, why should your veterinarian loan it to you?

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Please don't apologize for expecting people to pay for services! You certainly can't get to the check out line at the grocery store and not expect to pay for the items you have purchased, so why should anyone expect to leave your office without paying?!

Pets require constant care just like a child. However, they do not fall into the dependent category and cannot be included in our healthcare insurance.

With this being said, pets are really a luxury. If you can't afford to take care of your pet and pay the vet bills, then you probably shouldn't have one.

Anna, Illinois, United States #237410

Sorry to say, but nobody cares about you or your responsibilities. the average person is just out to get something free for themselves.

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