West Creek, New Jersey
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I took my sick cat to two different veterinarians in New Jersey. It cost me over $1,000.00 with the tests that tortured my cat to death.

There must be a law that prevents such thievery and lack of conscience onthese people ruled only by greed. I am heartbroken! The reason there are so many animals left homeless and the pounds have to resort to killing so many innocent creatures is because of the greedy veterinarians that nobody can afford in this economic environment.

Even when times are good the elderly who need companions most can't afford these bills. So they abandon their animals.

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How right you are concerning \"greedy veterinarians\"....The situation is much the same here in North Mississippi. For a basic grooming appointment, a dog must now have an entire battery of vaccinations, often resulting in hundreds of dollars in fees for the pet\'s owner.

Those of us who are not wealthy should NOT have to forgo our pets\' companionship due to thegreed-driven pet industry. My condolences on the loss of your cat.

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