I had a 7AM appt on a computer print out to have my dog's teeth cleaned. I waited until the clerk showed up at 8AM to inform me they do not open until 8AM.

I showed the vet my printout and she said "It's not my fault what stuff that computer prints out". I told her the message on her machine also stated they opened at 7.

She said,"it's not my fault what my office manager records on the machine". If a vet cannot take responsibility for her own office staff, will she take responsibility for the care she gives your pet?

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Do you know what a dental cleaning entails? You know they go anesthesia, right?

Whatever vet you went to is NOT going to allow you in the treatment area while doing an anesthetic procedure due to liability issues.

And, most hospitals have pets going under anesthesia drop off before the hospital opens to get blood so your pet is okay to even go under the anesthesia. A dental cleaning is normally a drop off, not an appointment.

Madison, New York, United States #226714

You are right she may not take responsibility.

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