i'm not even a customer and i'm pissed off.the reps

are all ***. u would think it was a collection agency for delinquent customer that have been late for yrs with tons of excuses...I was just a innocent by stander picking up a ringing call and was displeased with the fact that a sorry there not home no longer works.to my disbelief i found out to much info and got demanded to pay my money or the would knock on the customers door..what a upsetting moment i had no ideal who they were

they just repeatedly demanded my money and asked did i think this was a game..now i don't think that was fair and later on to add the icing on the cake when i demanded to speak to a manager i was

hung up on repeated ....not very nice to a customer or anyone who's on the outside looking in..i would never ever recommend anyone to go with cnac.

i'm took make it so bad i don't even own a car from them!

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