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YOU HAVE TO CANCEL WITHIN THE 14 DAYS!!! I didn't even take one pill and got charged 78 bucks...

You automatically sign up for the auto-ship... If you don't call within the 14 days (trail period) they'll send you a bottle every month - for 78 bucks each time... Also... The 4.95 is for shipping and handling...

YOU STILL HAVE TO PAY FOR THE BOTTLE THEY SENT YOU - at the end... ($78.85) You have to pay this amount!!! You can get a reduction in price - IF you send back the unused pills - pro-rated... Within the 14 day trial period is the key...

Here I am, after the 14 day trial period - with an unopened bottle - and I can't send it back... So...

They'll send you a bottle for $4.95, but will still charge you the full amount after the 14 day trial period... THEY WILL CHARGE YOU THE FULL AMOUNT!!!

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Los Gatos, California, United States #865769

How do I get out of the scam? HELP!!

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