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Order PJs for my daughter - took forever to get. We needed to exchange - NO Paperwork in the box!!

Nothing Had to call for an RAM # but couldn't get anyone on the phone since they are closed so much of the time. I had to send back (and pay shipping) with a handwritten note saying what I wanted to order) No one called to let me know it was out of stock.

I had to call again to find out why we hadn't received it ...finally just told them I wanted my money back and it will take a week to get the credit plys a $7.00 restocking fee. ridiculous!

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Holmestrand, Vestfold, Norway #157369

Well order the right PJ's for your daughter and this would not happen. Was it wrong size. What kid of "mother" are you if you don't even know what size your daughter weres.

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