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I am having a big problem. About two nweeks ago I ordered a new install on the other side of the room. I agreed to pay a $50 charge. The intaller arrived.

He begaan to install the cable. He said he would put it up through the floor, he said he couldnt put in the wall because it was not an outsde wall.. He drilled a hole after much trying and finely getting a nother drill from home.

The first hole did not work, appearently the second did not either When I finally discoved what was taking so long, there were three pretty big hole (1/2+) a wire stginking down in one and the installer said he fegured he needed to get out from the wall.

Next he went under the house and hooked new cable to an old dish Sat cable. He then said all was fixed and if I had any problems just give them a call. I asked if he wqasn't going to hook it up. He said that woiuld be another service call and he was already behind.

I spent 6.5 hours working on the following Sunday trying to make it work. No luck. I called on Monday AM

Person said he would be out before noon, and he was. He fixed everythging . He explained the cable was installed incorectctly. It should and could have been in Wall. He ran a new cable from thr outside box. He got It all to work, Phone and iNTERNET.

He asked his boss to call me and he made an appoint to come out, but could not. Call later and said it would have to be next week. He did show up and confirmed everything about placement installation. He said he a had wood working guy who would come to fix it. Several days later he called and we set a time for Saturday.

He was a no show and finally called several nhours later and said he woulod be here on Mondeay to fix it. I asked what he was going to do and he waid it would look like knots.

Let me state, all the peopole, except the wood working guy were nice polite and I belive wanted to do the right thing. I am not some crazy crank either.

I am addressing this to you hoping you will sopmehow makle rhis right.


Tyler Conrad


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