My name is Larry Begay. (480)238-5531 ... 2417 E. Campbell #12-A Phoenix, AZ 85016. I was trying to utilize your 25% dedscount that is offered on Wednesdays and was having problems because it wouldn't recognize the promo Code. I called the store in my area 602-992-7272 and they directed me to a toll free #. The person who answered called himself Darren and during our maybe 15 min conversation, i was told to shut up several times when all I wanted to do was order thru the toll free #. I asked for a supervisor and he told me he was representing Corporate. Was told it wasn't possible to place an order and then he told me that he was going to hang up on me because I obviously was "computer illiterate". I have 2 college degrees and complained to the store. Nothing has been done to this day as far as contacting me. I'd appreciate a response please. Thank you.

Larry Begay

2417 E. Campbell #12-A

Phoenix, AZ 85016



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What company is this?

Why would you post your personal information?


Hi ***. Thank you for posting your name, address and telephone number on a public forum.

Scammers will be contacting you soon.

Have a blessed day. ***.

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