They called me and left a nasty message saying I needed to pay my bill as soon as possible. Well I had already paid it off with another company over 2 weeks ago.

I called back and they were very rude on the phone and said they had no proof that I even paid. I told them they needed to call the other company because I paid it off. I told him he was being rude and he said you are unbelievable, you debtors are such a joke when you are saying we are rude. You are the ones who need to pay your bills.

So I called the other company and they said that I was all paid up and done. I told them the situation and they said they would call the company.

I called back to speak with a manager and he was the same way. He said they had sent mail and I should have gotten.

I told him if I had received it then I would have called them to make a payment. He continued to say that I needed to pay my bills and that they sent me the mail.

He too did not believe I had paid the bill and was very rude. Does anyone know of an agency to contact about them?

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