I would not recommend a man called Jim (James) Courtney who works out of his home,possibly under the table, and who lives in Auburn. I trusted his ad in the paper that 25 years of room renovations, he was competent.

The estimate was one we could live with so we gave him the job. He arrived late on all 3 days. He left many marks on a ceiling that suppose to have been smoothed down. He painted hinges and left the insides of doors only slightly painted.

He barely had straight lines when he edged adjoining surfaces. He had wallpaper water streaks running down the walls. He spilled water on my carpet and hardly vacuumed any of it up. Before he left I checked some things over and he did an even worse job "fixing" them.

After spilling the water, I literally paid him in full to just leave my house. I was the fool that hired him and even paid him but others should be aware of his haphazard and sloppy way of work. I could have done better with my left hand and I am right-handed. After many times of trying to get him back to "right-the-wrongs" (and he cancelled 2 appointments with no apologies) I decided to warn others through consumer complaint venues to watch out for this man.

His phone number is 508-832-4494 so don't call it if you recognize this number. Just because his price may seem good,you'll be heartbroken and out valuable time and money.

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