First, when the water was served the waiter tipped the tray and water soaked me to the point that the manager came over, the table had to be completely reset and new dry menus were delivered. We placed our orders.

No one asked what type of dressing I would like for my garden salad. Our salads were served and both my son and I asked for dressing. None arrived. I asked again for dressing and it arrived.

My son ate his salad as is because he was starving. Our pasta entrees were very good. My son ordered the 3 part meal. The server never asked what dessert he would like from the choices (however earlier told him he would bring the dessert menu for his choice) and then served him a scoop of vanilla ice cream with chocolate syrup just like our daughter's kid's meal selection.

Neither the manager, who came by the tidy the table following the spill, nor the server ever offered to rectify the spill accident. We were easy going customers through it all but upon receiving the bill I found myself extremely frustrated and not in any hurry to return.

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