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i am a customer i would like u to take me off your list I have been trying to get you to for about eight month's now if you do not stop sending me and pilling me out of my account. I will take this to the to my lawyer and will sew you and make sure you have a law suit to deal with i have drawn the line with you I have called to cancel my services and you beat around the bush about it so try and keep this up and find out what will happen.

thanks you

Samantha Sturgeon

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Clintondale, New York, United States #13211


1) Learn how to spell

2) Don't sew people. It hurts. If you have an issue, speak to an attorney about sueing them instead.

3) Do you even have an attorney?

4) You never identified the company you are complaining a about so your diatribe is useless to the rest of humanity.

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