I will start by saying I am a 20 year Marine corps veteran my full name is Gunnery Sergeant Paul Opuda!

I was lucky enough after investing thousands of hours learning and becoming one of the best machine rebuilders in America, that even i can get scammed.Now I have gotten totally ripped by a credit card company SECUREPAY and pieline data!

I sold a machine that i rebuilt to a customer for the agreed amount of $39,950.00.

Securepay took the ceditcard but wont release it?

It really is to bad after all they know.... they dont know enough to monitor the real threats in our own borders!

My company website is www.hardingerepair.com

Product or Service Mentioned: Customer Care.

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When a person gives all they have to be the best most honest least selfish devoted Person taking care of this country you could ever want. Just kinda seems like maybe we ought to take care of that person instead of the bank

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They Might Have Made a Serious Mistake This Time!

to GunnyO #892413

Just curious! Did you ever get your money back? Thanks, EWJ

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