I printed an ad Badcock recently had and took it to the local store to purchase the item (tv). As i was waiting on the sales rep to finish all the necessary paperwork, I took a moment to browse the store for some furniture as well.

Upon arrival i did not intend to buy any furniture but i saw a set that i just absolutely fell in love with. So as i approach the counter to tell the rep that i would like to purchase both the tv and furniture set she informed me that she could not honor the ad price so i called corporate and they said the same thing. I politely informed the sales rep that not only did they miss out on me purchasing the tv but they also missed on me purchasing a $2500 set. The advertise price for the tv.

was 649 in which they said was a typo on there behalf and that it should have been 999.

If i was working for this company I would have mostly definetely lost out on $300 than to lose a $3200 and a customer. I will most certainly never shop at badcock and never refer them to ANYONE!

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