Good Morning,

I am 61. .

It took me seven years to finally speak my mind. I love to shop and have a great shopping experience. In your Peoria & 6th. in Aurora, CO.

I truly am disgusted with going to your store. I only do so, because, my travel time is so minimal! I have had several issues w/ your deli, meat dept mostly..I should know better to purchase your meats there! I just bought a rump roast yesterday and stew meat.

As soon as I cut my roast beef in half, here we go again, GREEN throughout the roast!! What are You doing about quality control in that particular store so no one gets food poisoning? I am tired of losing money in your store. It seems to happen even w/your T/bone steak too.

Your deli only carries perhaps four different meats!! Many drug addicts about! Not safe for people my age. Cashiers rude, store dirty, Can't you separate the line when you buy cigs?

Its,' a horrible area to shop at. My list of complaints are too long to go on. You are a big corporation, why do good people have to put up with this irresponsible behavior? One last thing, when I go out to Limon, your store there, is simply define and pleasant to shop there!

I can't drive fifty miles just to shop there, or, I would!! The people that work there are helpful, polite and its such a joy to shop there! . Wow!

What a HUGE difference between that store and Aurora!! I know you can do a better job! Thank you for listening, Mrs.

M. Wolf

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Monetary Loss: $125.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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