Waverly Post Office in Baltimore MD on November 13,2018.the clerk assistant manager Jessica fail to do her duties provide services to a disable customer community member who needed her to help her fill out form, information that the form required due to her disability vision impairment was unable to see the content. She claim that she was not allowed to fill out forms.

I told her that is not true ,Post Offices worldwide provide services for handicap, disable ,blind, vision impairment,wheelchair .She refuse to give me her name get the manager too. I had to ask several strangers to help me get the form filled out. This black man and white woman had no problem in helping me. She wore glasses could hardly see but she was kind had filled out it before so she knew how to do it.Everyone in he post office claim the staff and mangers were and are very Racist un-Professional, IRROGANT nasty rude and disrespectful to the customer all the time for years now.

I ask another disrespectful staff member to provide duties help me ,she claim she was the manager but refuse to help me too. She claim because I was talking in frustration AGGRESSIVENESS claim ,manager on duty would not help me until calm down. She never ask what was going on. I walk away to go outside because I started shaking CRYING was scare THAT I might have a seizure.

I saw another customer as I EXIT who ask could, she help me too. When came back in the post office went to another booth .This Prejudice ill mannered staff member had blonde mix brown bob hair do. She told me had get back in the line. I told her I was already in line before they open and before the 3 customers who were in line had came inside the post office too.

She was very 'Angry at me ignorant claim I always come in the post office starting problems. I ain't nobody a lawyer insulting me. She would not give me her name claim I already knew it. After, I completed everything ,she told me it cost $23.00 to ship package to china.

I told her I thought it was a paid shipment . I was sorry for wasting her time in doing a terrible job. I had made a Complaint with Post Office managers on more than one occasion. One manager name was Brittney She claim, lying she was going to call me back to resolve the issues never did it.

She went told her employees friends what was going on and that's why they were rude arrogant to me. Plus over work under pay makes them more negligence .Its known by the community Post Office staff and management treats disadvantage and disabled and low income people of the community like their trash not human beings with respect for each other. Previous prior 2nd Complaint I had ask rude Jessica to advise me on how to send a very important letter directly to the receiver. Jessica assistant manager told me by certified mail not signature certified mail.

The person who was suppose to receive it did not another party interceded with it, It was misdirected to another city office with an representative that could not handle the matter delaying my business. I went back to the Post Office to Complain see, If they would REFUND my money to for the misguidedness. These employees and managers who were working 11/13/2018 10am needs to be re-evaluated -suspended moved to another location .I can't go to the Post office in my zip code because of their inability provide quality services perform their duties customer has been continue to be every time goes to post office INSULTS ,HARASSMENTS and he immaturity of the staff and management team that is irresponsible 'Discrimination against customer residential consumer with disability vision impairment ,race , religion, style, wisdom, Waverly Post Office near Homestead street staff, and Managers have no morals & integrity 'customer courtsey care services . Consumer customer injured has been legally advised to REPORT FOX 45 NEWS channel journalist and radio talk how host ,post on Social Media online, Other GOV'T AGENCY ,.Rip Off Report, BBB.

or File a Small Claim Suit in district court about these Charges Consumer Rights Violations ,Disability Act Violations etc. If this Complaint is not dealt with and Resolved by both PARTY ASAP ..

Product or Service Mentioned: Manager.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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