I had to visit the Edwardsville Pa store last week and let me tell you how pleased I was. I was approached by an employee in plumbing (Fred).

He answered so many questions concerning my new vanity, faucet and medicine cabinet. I was unsure on how to hang a 4ft. mirror also so he walked me over to another department where I was introduced to a girl named Stacy. She was more than willing to get me the proper items I needed.

I showed her the mirror and explained to her what I wanted to do. She made a few phone calls in concern that there was no hooks on the back and I didnt want anyone to see how I fasten it to the wall. She called her father who to me had a great knowledge on what we needed. She walked me to the hardware department and picked up everything I needed.

Everything I took with me was a perfect fit. To me that is a person that every company should have.

She is an outstanding employee that they should recognized.

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