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hello im going to tell you about two young girls they are very sweet looking and they are very easy to fall for. they scammed 3 elderly woman 2 woman who are 86 and 87 year old and other lady is 64 years old they told the woman that they was sent to them to collect money for the light company or they could fall when the lights will go out if they dont get 300.00 to duquesne light co asap. so the woman just gave them the money.the two girls in this photo they live in the apartment with only a computer and 2 chairs they make calls out to the elderly asking to set them up with credit cards and then take away the money from the elderly woman as they get the numbers from them to tranfer money to a new card that the elderly would never get.they also work online on a website called facebook it is badindiangirls@facebook

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it's ok, nobody ever notices me.

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