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I don't know how many times i've called to give you the money owed and have been placed on hold for frikken ever!!! it's either you want the payment or not.

dont waste time with a letter if you're not going to even pick up- answer the phone! I promised to make a payment through bank withdrawl and you still havent drafted it! What's the problem?

contact me at yellowmelo7@hotmail.com...unless you're dropping it and havent let me know? Such an inconvenience like if this is the only thing I have to look after...

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How can you speak like this!!

A brave soul accepts his mistakes and goes on.

Primerica is a RIP OFF!!!

The sooner you understand, the sooner you will save money.

I suggest to everyone, if you want to know about Primerica, go in the "business" and find the truth for yourself. Do not listen to her, and do not listen to me.

Find out for yourself the truth, because until you do, you will never be free.

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