over a year ago we got a second mortgage from your company, we did good on the payments in till one of us lost there job, she was very sick, and was going to dr's and hosp to get her help, after 8 months she was put on social security, and she was only getting 725.00 a month. so for all those months I was trying to pay all the bill myself, and I only was making 1226.00 every two weeks, thats 2400.00 a month, and my social security that is only 1700.00 a month.

and I did not start getting my security security in till the end of feb, so for 4 months I was doing it on my own. my wife meds cost 250.00 to 325.00 every other month. then you have the hosp and dr's bill, witch every times she gets nerve blocks or sees the dr or the other shots she needs in her back and in her hip. and we have others bills to that have not been paid because of this, we have had are phone truned off 2 times, we have had are lights turned off 1 time, we now are about to lose are car, and she will be going back in the hosp in the next month or so.

so to get to the point. we are loseing just about every thing we have, and trying to sale our house, that has been on sale for over 1 year, the 1st mortgage is 217,000.00 and you the 2th mortgage is only 17000.00, the frist morg is will to take an offer of 116,000.00 and give you 2000.00, witch I know might not be alot to you guys, but the frist morg is losing a lot more, but you dont seam to want to want give in to any thing, Now my point is why. the government bailed you guys out, and gave you x amount of money for you to help people in our situation, but I dont see you helping in any way. you have sented us lettlers saying you could help, but every time we call, there is no help to be found, we have tried to talk to shane, at our branch here in st.

paul but he is not a very nice person to deal with, he is very on perfeffional, even our realtor has tried to talk to him, and one day he told her that it was customer appreciation day and that our problem was not priority with him;;; that is no way to treat people when they are all readly having enought things going on in their life. we would like a call from the head office, 651-645-6805.

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