we don't like it when we just spent $300.00 at the store and they stop you 20 feet away when we are ready to leave and they want to look at our basket and receipt.It does'nt make any sence and it is very annoying.they don't even know whats in the basket.we really like the store but that really needs to change.i know alot of people that are bothered by that also.you have to wait in line again to get out of the store.i would appreciate it if you could do something to make it easier to get out of the store after being their for 2 hours.


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If it wasn't for the whining thieves in the store they wouldn't need to stop you. And 2 hours - what were you looking at for 2 hours - a way to sneak stolen stuff out?


Whine, whine whine!!! Quit goin' there if it bothers you so much and quit your ***'!!!

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