Stihl - Non existant service

My Stihl trimmer developed a fuel line problem so I took it to a dealer to have it repaired. The dealer stated it would be ready in two days.

Two days later I went back and asked if it was done, it wasn't and I was told another two days. I went back three days later and got the same story so I took the trimmer to another dealer where I was told it would take a week.

Two weeks later when it still wasn't done I contacted Stihl USA hoping that they would intercede on my behalf and get the dealer to get the work done... Not only did they refuse to help me, they actually told me to fix it myself!




I will bet stihl has treated this dealer very poorly and he has to seal every thing to get out .Stihl will not take any thing back . When I get a stihl product new out of the box and put gas in it and it will not run we have to fix it .

Then it is used Stihl thinks this is all wright the dealer has to take the loss. Do the dealer a favor buy Echo.


Stihl USA won't sell parts to individuals, their dealers won't fix the products and they think that lying to consumers is a good idea. Stihl USA will not intercede with their dealers on the behalf of consumers so someone kindly tell me why anyone should buy a Stihl?

Trimmer Repair
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Nobody wants to work on the products
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No one wants to fix the product
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How about making your dealers do their job! and fix the product!
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