went into the local schuabys to check my ball joints they I had 3 guy on my truck checking the whole front end,all they found was 1 lower ball joint.I left told them I had to back to work and would think about it called them back 2 hours later told them I could bring it in,3 hours later and 350.bucks it was done,when I got there a kid told me I needed all new tie rod ends,I told him 3 hours earlier I had it checked he seemed shocked and apologized,they made me sign a paper rejecting the 650.00 dollar work,since then I've put another 40,000 miles on my 99 f-250 4x4 diesel and had to replace the chinese ball joint they put in with "moog" parts my self, tie rod ends are still just fine,...my point is they do the same thing to a single mom with no money to pay rent,to top that off they replace your a-ok factory parts with chinese junk,I here this time after time,,,,I think it got way worse when Les died thank Rod Anderson

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