This consultant agency operated by Trevor Lutge lacks the expertise and knowledge they claim to have on IBM Watson and other Bluemix products. Agency was tasked with a small to moderate size project with clear requirements and order of execution.

The agency ignored our instructions, billed a large number of hours for incomplete work, insulted us and then abandoned the work. After reviewing the little bit of work they gave us, we found that it was so poorly done, it was clear that someone with very limited knowledge of IBM Watson had put it together. We had to scrap everything they gave us.

Luckily we were monitoring the work and managed to limit the damage but our allowance for freedom to explore and experiment were taken advantage of by Trevor. I do not recommend anyone work with this consultant - unless you like to be patronized, insulted, overcharged, and then left out on your own with only a piece of poor development.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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