Ladies Tre Allison will get you to drop your pants and then will leave you just as fast. Stay away from Tre Allison! He will break your heart. He will get your family and friends and kids to love him and then he will stop returning your phone calls suddenly. Tre Allison is a smooth operator and will call you cutie and Mrs. and ma'am so you feel special, but guess what... he does this with lots and lots of other women at the same time. I caught him on his blackberry. He is a serial dater.

He will only break your heart and hurt you. You should break his heart and then post what you did to him on this website so everybody who he has hurt can have something to laugh at him about.

He is such a ***. Tre Allison will destroy you and you won't be able to trust other men because Tre Allison will tear your heart out. You will cry and cry and cry because he dupes you into thinking he cares about you. He's just lying. What a ***.

Good luck if you decide to chance it. But you will regret it if you go out with Tre Allison!

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