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Ive tried to use uShip for 2 different shipments. Both time my bids were accepted for the asking price.

Both times there was good initial contact with the contracted Service Provider. Once it came time to conduct the pick up of my shipment the SP was AWOL. No contact until it was past the required delivery date. I was forced to cancel the first shipment because the SP was rude and never dispatched a driver for my shipment.

uShip offered me 90% refund unless I until able to prove fault on the driver. Then asked me to please do my next w them. I did and again the driver was overdue on both pickup and delivery. As I am writing this, the driver has just been dispatched for the pickup.

ON NEW YEARS EVE!! Not a fan and would like to be able to reduce the payment for being overdue but cannot because uShip make you prepay w PayPal...never ever using again.




You ship is the worst company ever Ira Jerome Poland . Is nothing more than a modern day pirate .

You ship is facilitating theft . This *** Ira is nothing but a thief


anyone have his phone number, location or what hes driving?

Travel Trailer Transportation Service
Reason of review
Poor customer service
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Scam uship

On June 8 2016 I accepted an offer to ship my trailer to Cosby, Tennessee

from Scottsdale, Arizona through an Internet based company called uShip.


> > The company uShip assigned me to was “Cecil Jones On Time” or “It's Late

Transport” with a scheduled pick up of June 21st.

> > Prior to pick up I received a text message from a passerby stating a

driver was broken down on the freeway with mechanical issues and lost all power.

The text stated the driver was overheated and had no cell phone service. On

June 21 or June 22, the driver did show up at the Scottsdale location, worked on

wiring, and he stated he would return the next day to start transporting. The

Driver agreed to pick up a fireplace about a mile away and put it on the back of

his flatbed truck for an additional $100.

> > Within about an hour of pick up, same Driver had called me and said that the

16,000 pounds that was advertised in the auction, he believed was off. He had

mentioned that he was going to take it to a scale house and have it weighed. I

had no way to do this so I agreed. After getting the weight of the trailer, he

had suggested maybe taking some weight off the trailer. I told him that it was

miscellaneous items, that it was not multiple large items therefore I did not

feel comfortable having someone go through my household items without me being

present. He told me he could complete the load for an extra $1000, as he would

have to get overweight permits and fuel costs and taking roads that would make

his trip longer.

> > The Driver made it from Scottsdale Arizona, allegedly, to New Mexico, where

I received a call that the trailer needed a bearing. I agreed to him replacing a

bearing. A short time after that, the Driver said that he needed money for a

part, an axle. The Driver was sent $800 via money gram for which I have

receipts. The Driver acted like a child telling me that the police had him

pulled over, that he was in handcuffs, that the police had taken his cell phone

and the third-party that was with him had a cell phone which the police did not


> > After a short time I figured out that the text message that came in from the

gentleman (alleged to be a passerby) that sent me a first message stating he was

broken down, was actually his co-driver. I received numerous messages from that

number which made absolutely no sense, were very elementary and all over the

map. I couldn’t understand the messages due to the poor English and cryptic

nature of the texts.

> > The Driver stated that he had 17 tickets for different mechanical problems

and that he had obtained overweight permits. I have been unable to verify these

claims and though I requested evidence from him, have received nothing in the

way of copies which he could have easily texted images from any phone. Shortly

thereafter, I received an email from Cecil Jones stating that his driver, Ira

Poland, wanted a $1500 deposit. That was never agreed-upon as part of the uShip

Web Page where the shipment transaction began. I told him I did not feel

comfortable sending that amount of money without any receipts. The Driver stated

that he only had enough gas to go for about another 40 minutes. I sent $1000 to

driver money gram once again and have receipts showing $$ being wired to him.

> > Some time had passed and I was sending numerous text messages as my only

means to communicate. First no responses, then finally I get a message that he

is in the hospital with kidney problems and the trailer is secure in the parking

lot of the hospital, also that his wife is with him now. At some point they got

back on the road. After numerous conversations with the driver and his wife,

the Driver sent me a video of a tire that had a bearing grease on wheel and a

picture of two police officers behind him. In one of my messages, I had sent a

GPS tracking link and his wife denied knowing anything about it. I simply

replied with, “touch it with your finger, that's how you open it” and she became

very agitated with that statement. I believe she did touch it for a very short

time and I got a general idea of where they were.

> > Donald at uShip had gotten a police officer's name in Poteau, OK, that I had

spoke with. Donald gave me a general area of where the trailer was. I drove 13

hours from Cosby, Tennessee to Oklahoma. After about one hour of searching I was

able to locate the trailer at a residence. The Driver had told me that the

trailer was safe, that it was in a Shadetree mechanic’s driveway. There was a NO

TRESPASSING sign taped to the front of my trailer. I directly went to local

law-enforcement/the police station and asked if it would be OK if I go up to the

door and knock or would that be trespassing. I was advised that the no

trespassing sign hanging on the trailer was not applicable to the entire

property so I went to the door and spoke to the homeowner. The woman identified

herself as Ira’s wife and told us, “The trailer is not going anywhere, (that) we

were trespassing”. So, we left the property.

> > Prior to that situation, I had contacted Ira and informed him I was in town

and I wanted to assist him with any repairs and finances to make the trailer

move forward to Cosby, Tennessee. He failed to meet with me for two days while I

had to use hotel accomodations, waiting for him to fulfill his obligation. I was

advised by uShip to go back to Cosby, Tennessee and leave the area, which I did.

> > The trailer is not registered to me. It was borrowed from a neighbor. The

local police near the Ira Poland residence will not assist me in recovering my

trailer. I had a conversation with Ira and he said, “Good luck trying to get the

trailer, that he had all the parts, he disabled the inner workings of the

bearings and hubs and that all six tires removed.” The trailer cannot be moved

as it was on blocks. The contents of the trailer are very sensitive electronics

that cannot be exposed to heat or rain and these high temperatures for this

period of time are detrimental to my expensive electronics not to mention all my

life’s acquired personal possessions.

> > The trailer is registered to Thomas Carniato. It is a year 2000 Unite vin

48B500u37y1043030. The fireplace model number is hst38 ser ag101016. The

fireplace was spotted under the carport at the residence of Cecil Jones.

> > In my phone calls attempting resolution through uShip, the support team has

been very evasive. They have not responded to emails nor provided direction on

how they will address this situation, despite their company has Fraud Prevention

and Guarantees. There are stolen and lost scenarios addressed at their website

in the terms and conditions, yet no one has satisfied my requests for

assistance. I have given them evidence of everything described above but they

have failed to acquire evidence from their driver to whom they assigned me to

back up the incidents calling for me to wire money to the driver. They have not

assisted in verifying the driver’s location, proof he was on the road or any

information to help in me recovering my property. I have been advised by uShip

that I am outside the amount of time that law enforcement should have become

involved but the police department would not allow me to file a stolen property

report. uShip and the police instructions are contradictory and I am getting


> > Ira made a statement to me that I “am in his neck of the woods ***,

that he will apply for a mechanics lien and I will never see the trailer or the

contents again” On the uShip webpage, it claims that constant contact with

driver is something the customer can rely on, and that is the furthest thing

from the truth. The Driver was given the opportunity to back out of this load

numerous times by Uship. Also, the Driver being professional he knew the weight

of the trailer prior to shipment, the exact weight yet used this false scenario

to extort money from me. on 8.20.2016 ira poland was sent yet another 2000.00

moneygram as that was a deal that was made with uship to have it move forward

and be in cosby tn Tuesday the 23 by noon


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Uship makes us honest, professional and reliable carriers shine...

Travel Trailer Transportation Service
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Poor customer service
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