I took a stray male cat in to have his front foot looked at. It was swollen and he was limping. I asked to have a FELV test done also and advised them that I was wanting to get all off the need shots as well as fixing the foot.

The technician and a vet student held him to take his temp. I told them that they could give him a sedative if needed. He was not happy, but it went ok. They said they were taking him to the back to do the blood test. After about 20 minutes they brought him back in his cage. They told me he had gotten loose and that they had been trying to catch him all that time. They said that they could not sedate him because they did not have the drug to do so. That I could bring him back the next day, they would have the drug.

Basically they did nothing to this cat except traumatize him and send him home. But not of course before charging me for an exam that he was never given. I can only hope this stray is forgiving and allows me to catch him again so he can be taken to a competent medical facility for treatment.

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