All I needed was a transmission flush. They removed the transmission cooling line to install their equipment and did the job.

I paid them and went on my way. Two months later the car left my daughter stranded at 1am in a bad section of town. I discovered after the car was towed to a nearby dealer that the transmission had run out of fluid and is was now shot! The dealer told me that whoever flushed the transmission had re-used the the metal clamp instead of installing and new 35 cent clamp.

This repair was now going to cost $2200.

After playing phone tag for a few days and me threatening them with an attorney we settled on me paying 500 and them paying the balance. I couldn't take the time to take them to small claims but this really pissed me off and I tell as many folks as possible to get your transmission serviced at a transmission garage even if it's $20 more.

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